Report Hazards

Clear and PResent Danger

(e.g. power line in roadway) Call 911!

Imminent danger

(e.g. traffic signal not functioning, large tree limb in roadway…): Call Newton Police Dispatch 617-796-2100.

Medium-term problem

(e.g. sunken drain cover, minor debris in shoulder) Two options:

  • From a land-line in Newton call 311; from a cellphone in Newton, call 617-796-1000. These numbers will connect you with Newton 311. If you are in a neighboring town or city, you would need to contact that city’s help line.
  • If you have a smartphone, go to the app store and install the Newton 311 app; with the app installed you can even upload a picture of the problem.
  • If you’re back home, visit the Newton 311 page on the Newton website.
Beacon Street bike lane with gravel

Beacon Street bike lane with gravel

Long-term problems

(e.g. dangerous intersection)

Report via and write to city officials:


Mayor’s Office

Centre St. and Route 9

Dangerous Intersection: Centre St. and Route 9